Triverest is a big sporting challenge and it requires a certain amount of preparation. What does it take to compete? Besides a lot of endurance and some skill there is, of course, necessary equipment needed.  The athletes handbook covers all the important information on the race course and technical requirements. To make it easier, we have compiled a list of items you need to prepare for the event.

What are the minimal requirements to participate in TRIVEREST?

► Supporter

  • 1 optional support vehicle. Maximal size: Width 210 cm, length 600 cm, height 275 cm. No mobile homes.
  • 1-2 support crew member (to drive and navigate the support car and help the athlete). This may also be a member in a team.

► General

  • Minimum age to race age of 18 years
  • Mobile phone for each athlete/team and supporter
  • Food for athlete and support crew during the race
  • Knowledge of use of GPS-devices, maps and navigation/orientation. The course is not marked.
  • Clothes for all weather conditions. Even in summer the temperature on top of the mountain passes may be at 0 degrees celsius.
  • Reflecting safety vest for all crew members and athletes (must be worn at all times at night for athletes and all day and night for crew members)

► Swim

  • Wetsuits are not mandatory but are recommended
  • Swim buoy (provided by organization)
  • Official swim cap

► Bike

  • Road/tri bike in good condition and following the Swiss road laws
  • Superior lighting system incl. spare batteries. Back: red light/ Front: white light. Lights must be a steady stream. No blinking rear lights per swiss road laws.
  • Spare parts like tubes, tires aso.

► Trail Run (per person)

  • Head lamp with extra battery
  • Recevoir that holds 1 liter of liquid
  • Food for 3 hours
  • Rain jacket with hood
  • Reflective emergency/space blanket
  • Racing/walking sticks are not mandatory but may be used
  • There will be a mandatory gear check.  If all gear is not in your possession during the required time you will be removed from the race.
► The following items will be provided by the organizer
  • GPS-Tracker for live tracking (on loan)
  • Race course data in GPX-files for download
  • swim cap
  • Swim buoy (on-loan)