This event cannot be held without volunteers – we need your commitment.

All helping hands are important for this event. Without them it is impossible. So let’s make it happen together!

All volunteers of the TRIVEREST receive a guaranteed starting place for the following year’s event. Please contact us through this form if you want to support the athletes and us. In return we offer food, accommodation, a unique experience and fun. More directly at ask@triverest.com

Actual valid COVID-19 regulations will be respected at all times.

We appreciate our volunteers!

Fun things to do:

  • Marking&Demarking the run course
  • Setting up registration and check-in
  • Preparing/serving Finisher Food
  • Setting up/taking in the swim markers on the lake
  • Setting up transition zone T1 at the lake
  • Checkpoint T2 and Sherpa Run
  • Maintaining Aid Station Pilatus & Aemsigen on the run (through the night)

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