About the Race

TRIVEREST Switzerland is an epic Triathlon starting in the center of Switzerland. It finishes at the foot of the iconic mountain of dragons (Mount Pilatus),  in Central Switzerland, in canton of Obwalden. With a combined elevation gain of 8’848 meters/29029 feet the name TRIVEREST lends itself to Mount Everest. TRIVEREST takes you on a journey with unique adventures you’ll never forget.

Covering the elevation will require the athletes to bike and run into the night and makes this event the ultimate triathlon challenge/adventure.  The route will cover 7 alpine passes by bike and finish with a run over the top of yet another. Mastering this challenging adventure requires a strong body, mind and spirit but the feeling of achievement and personal conquest will make it all worth it!

TRIVEREST is the first triathlon to reach the heights of Everest.  The event is designed for professionals and amateurs, teams and solo triathletes.  It will take between 16 and 28 hours to complete.


The bike leg of TRIVEREST covers several mountain passes. Saturday and Sunday motorcycle and car traffic is at it’s peak. In order for the athletes to have a beautiful experience climbing the famous Swiss passes with less traffic the race is scheduled to begin on Friday morning.


  • SOLO (1 person): female / male
  • TEAMS OF 2 (2 persons): female / male / mixed
  • TEAMS OF 3-4 (3-4 persons): general

TEAMS: change of athlete

  • Only one athlete is on the route at a time, the other one(s) travels in the optional crew car.
  • The active athlete may be changed on the course at anytime.
  • There are restrictions, where the support car is not allowed to drive or sections which are not safe for stopping. These are indicated in the athlete handbook.


For the final climb from Alpnachstad over the top of Pilatus (distance of  this section 14 km-1’680 hm/9 mi-5510 ft) down to the Finish Lütholdsmatt a registered supporter (Sherpa) must join the athlete. For the TEAMS this may be the teammate. It is mandatory to have in the minimum two people together on this section of the course.  The Sherpa may carry athlete’s gear to the top of Mount Pilatus.

Useful Information