Why does the race start on Friday?

The bike leg of Triverest covers several mountain passes.  Saturday and Sunday motorcycle and car traffic is at it’s peak. In order for the athletes to have a beautiful experience climbing the famous Swiss passes with less traffic the race is scheduled to begin on Friday morning.

Are support vehicles required?

Yes.  One vehicle allowed (No large mobile homes) per Solo and/or Team.  Mandatory placement of Support Placard on back window is required at all times during the race.

Where do Teams switch on the course?

Teams may change the person on the course at any time and as often as they want. There are restrictions, where the support car is not allowed to drive or sections which are not safe for stopping. These are indicated in the athlete handbook.

Is this a timed event?

Timing is provided through the GPS-Tracker.

Will there be GPS tracking?

Yes.  Each athlete must carry the provided GPS tracker at all times. Teams must make sure the athlete on the course has the Team GPS-Tracker with them.  The GPS-Tracker is on loan and must be returned immediately upon completion or upon abandoning the race.

Is it mandatory to have a Navigational devise on the bike?

Yes.  A Garmin or similar devise is required as well as full knowledge of operation.  GPS tracks will be available for download.  The course will be marked but for safety as well as in case of accidental signage removal we require all athletes to have a tracking system with adequate battery.

Will there be transportation of finisher clothes for the athletes by the organization?

Yes.  Regardless of support vehicle athletes may give the organization a finisher clothes bag for direct transportation and will be ready for collection at the finish.

Is there any mandatory equipment required?

Yes.  There is a full list of mandatory equipment located in the Athlete Handbook.  You may also find a quick checklist in the drop down menu under ‘Requirements’

Are there aid stations on the course?

All food and change of clothing should be obtained from your support crew.  The organization will provide minimal refreshments in the transition zones as well as a more substantial supply at the finish line.

Is there a cut off for the race?

Yes.  There is a 26 hour time limit to complete the race.