Triverest Switzerland is a unique extreme Triathlon starting in the center of Switzerland and finishing on the top of Mount Pilatus, the iconic Mountain of Dragons in the canton of Luzern. With a combined elevation gain of 8,848 meters the name TRIVERST lends itself to Mount Everest. Our wish it to take the community of adventure seeking triathletes on a journey they’ll never forget.
Central Switzerland is unique in that the big mountain passes are close enough together so you may cover a lot of elevation in a relatively short distance.  The iconic passes of Grimsel, Furka and Susten are all covered in the bike leg but we’ve added three more passes Glaubenberg, Glaubenbielen and Brunig.  If you’re not familiar with these climbs you can find many Strava officinados vying for K.O.M’s on these passes.
Starting at sea level the athletes will swim, bike and run a total of 283 km and plant their flag at the highest point in  famous Mount Pilatus accumulating 8,848 vertical.  Having the chance to finish the race with a stunning overview of the mountains you just passed and your teammates and supporters with you on the last km will leave you filled with incredible emotion.
There are three categories:  All must have one support vehicle.
Solo Men
Solo Female
Teams of three to four

Where do Teams switch on the course?

DUO (2 persons) and TRIO (3 persons) teams may change the person on the course anytime. There are restrictions, where the support car is not allowed to drive or sections which are not safe for stopping. These are indicated in the athlete handbook.